UK Smart Phone User Growth By Age, 2012-2018 [TABLE]

In the UK, parents clearly could do more to keep their kids safer in the digital realm. According to March 2014 data from uSwitch, large numbers of parents with children under the age of 16 had failed to put in place any parental controls on their kids’ internet-connected devices. Somewhat alarmingly, 58% of survey respondents said they had failed to do so on their child’s personal smartphone, for example.

This is an issue that’s likely to become increasingly relevant as more and more kids become digital device users. eMarketer estimates that in 2014, there will be 4.4 million smartphone users in the UK under 18. The youngest portion of those users, the 0-to-11 age group, will see substantial growth in usage this year, rising 22.7%. Only those 55 and older will see bigger growth in usage. Read the rest at eMarketer.