Display Ads That Are In-View By Timeframe & Platform, H2 2013 [TABLE]

Table - Display Ads That Are In-View By Timeframe & Platform

Study after study shows that viewability makes for significant ad spending waste. In a survey from Integral Ad Science, roughly half of US banner impressions served on advertising networks and exchanges in H2 2013 went unseen. Publisher-direct buys were more likely to yield higher in-view percentages, but by and large, the majority of ads bought never even reached a pair of eyeballs.

Although such data might suggest that site direct—typically a more reliable source of premium inventory—is likely to have higher viewability numbers, marketers should be careful not to conflate “premium” inventory sources with premium viewability numbers. For instance, video ads, which tend to be the most expensive premium of all display ads, can have just as poor viewability percentages as their banner counterparts. Read the rest at eMarketer.