UK Online Shoppers & Buyers, 2011-2017 [CHART]

Chart - UK Online Shoppers & Buyers, 2011-2017

One thing that adds to the overall landscape of retail ecommerce in the UK is the thirst for click and collect in the country. After all, these types of digital purchases don’t count toward the order dispatch numbers from IMRG. And click and collect is becoming ever more popular. According to a June 2013 study from comScore, commissioned by UPS, 57% of UK digital buyers had used a click-and-collect service. Only France saw greater engagement, with 60% of respondents saying they had used such a service.

All this points toward a rise in the number of UK digital buyers. eMarketer forecasts that while the number of digital shoppers in the UK will continue to increase through 2017, those who convert—that is, buy something online—will grow almost as quickly. Read the rest at eMarketer.