7 Definitions Of Real-Time Marketing, March 2014 [CHART]

Chart - 7 Definitions Of Real-Time Marketing

A recent survey from Econsultancy found respondents claiming an average uplift in conversion rates of 26% from real-time marketing activities. But what constitutes real-time marketing? A recent study from Evergage examines the attitudes of a small (114) subset of digital marketers around the world, finding that of the options listed, most identified real-time marketing as personalizing content or creative in response to customer interactions (76%) and responding to customers in the context of their web interaction (74%).

Respondents were similarly inclined to view real-time marketing as responding to trends and specific current events in social media (68%) and live website chat (66%).

Overall, roughly three-quarters of respondents believe that they’re using real-time marketing today, most commonly via social (48%), website (45%) and email (39%). Read the rest at MarketingCharts.