B2B Buyers & Online Content, March 2014 [CHART]

Chart - B2B Buyers & Online Content

B2B buyers are highly influenced by online content sourcing, with 54% reporting that it keeps them current on new technologies and 40% claiming that it helps them identify potential suppliers, partners and solution providers, according to a newly-released report from the CMO Council and NetLine. The study identifies the critical factors behind decision-makers’ quests for information online, along with the types of content most valued by buyers.

About two-thirds of the survey respondents begin their content sourcing at search engines and portals, while 40% go to vendor websites and one-quarter act in response to emails from trusted sources and peers. In fact, emails are a key way by which stakeholders in the buying process share knowledge: a leading 67% do so through formal meetings, but a majority 56% also send emails with links for downloading content. That’s rivaled by the 54% who spread knowledge through group presentations that summarize the factors influencing purchase decisions. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.