Factors Contributing To Retweetability, March 2014 [CHART]

Chart - Factors Contributing To Retweetability

Looking for more retweets? Twitter has released some data based on an analysis of millions of tweets sent by verified users in the US. The study looked at tweets that contained Twitter’s “hard features” – photos, #hashtags, links, videos, and tweets containing a number of a digit (such as a sports score) – comparing retweets from that dataset against average retweets from the same collection of accounts (most of which had thousands of followers). Overall, tweets containing photos got the biggest bump – but the results differed by area.

Overall, photos averaged a 35% boost in retweets across the 5 areas examined – TV, news, music, government and politics, and sports – followed by videos, which averaged a 28% increase. The three remaining “hard features” were more closely grouped: those with quotes averaged 19% more retweets, while those with a number saw 17% more retweets and those with hashtags a 16% increase. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.