Table - How American Men Learn About New Grooming Brands

When it comes to grooming, word-of-mouth and ads both play an important role in the path to purchase for men. According to data released in February 2014 by Defy Media, more than four in 10 US male internet users who had bought a new grooming product in the three months prior to being polled had become aware of the new brand through a friend or family member. Meanwhile, 41% of men who used at least one grooming product had recommended a brand to another person.

Ad circulars, coupons and mailers played just as much of a role in creating brand awareness among males: More than 40% credited such sources for making them aware of a grooming product they had purchased in the previous three months. In addition, nearly four out of 10 respondents cited advertising they saw as an adult as the reason they had known about the grooming product. And among those who used at least one grooming product, 31% said they had purchased a product because they liked the brand’s ads. Read the rest at eMarketer.