Top Content B2B Buyers Want From Vendor Websites To Establish Credibility, March 2014 [VIDEO]

What types of information are considered “must-haves” on B2B vendor websites, and which are perceived to best establish credibility? Newly-released survey results [PDF] from KoMarketing Associates and Dianna Huff take a broad look at the essential components of a B2B vendor’s website – and the elements that are the most likely to turn off prospective buyers. While the results are often simple, the study finds that they’re sometimes ignored.

Identifying 10 types of content assets, the survey indicates that – not surprisingly – the most important asset for establishing credibility is thorough contact or about information, cited as “very important” by 51% of survey respondents. (The lack of this information is also the leading reason that respondents leave B2B websites due to reduced credibility.) Case studies, white papers and articles were next, cited as “very important” by 31% of respondents, closely followed by a client list and testimonials (29%). Interesting, assets such as blog posts (14%), media mentions (13%), video content (10%) and social media activity (10%) are considered critical types of content by few respondents. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.

Chart - Top Content B2B Buyers Want From Vendor Websites To Establish Credibility