Americans' Video Viewing Habits, March 2014 [TABLE]

Table - Americans' Video Viewing Habits

Does everyone skip TV ads? Popular opinion would have it that they do, but that’s not quite the case, according to survey results from the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA). Nevertheless, some 53% of respondents to the survey agreed that they record live video content in order to skip ads. (A lower percentage than found in a previous survey.) But even with that, TV commercials emerged as one of the top ways by which consumers said they discover new video content, suggesting that ads are  – to some extent – having their desired effect.

In fact, TV ads are among the least ignored types of advertising, if recent survey results from Goo Technologies are to be trusted. And despite the concept of consumers fast-forwarding through all ads using their DVRs, the latest data from Nielsen indicates thatAmericans spend more than 4 hours with live TV per day on average, versus just 25 minutes per day with DVR playback. As for looking at mobile devices during ads? Only happens about one-third of the time. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.