Top Ways Companies Fail Aging Consumers, March 2014 [CHART]

Chart - Top Ways Companies Fail Aging Consumers

Companies around the world are failing to meet the needs of “aging consumers,” details Nielsen in a recent report based on a global online survey. From assistance in-store to services around town and packaging on the shelf, many respondents indicate that it’s tough to locate options that are relevant to aging consumers. Among the highlights: 51% said it is “difficult to find” advertising that reflects older consumers.

And they’re probably right, what with the obsession with Millennials that tends to obscure the spending power of Boomers, at least in the US.

Somewhat encouragingly, the US figures aren’t quite so bad in terms of advertising: a relatively smaller 38% of Americans claim to not see advertising that reflects older consumers. Still, given that older Americans are more likely to rely on advertising than younger Americans, there seems to be a disconnect at play. Perhaps this is why the older Americans have a less favorable view of the advertising industry and are more apt to ignore ads? Read the rest at MarketingCharts.