Differences Between Male & Female Millionaires, February 2014 [TABLE]

Table - Differences Between Male & Female Millionaires

Survey results from the Shullman Research Center indicate that about 9% of US adults qualify as being millionaires (personal net worth of at least $1 million). But while these adults are bound into a single category by their wealth, they are by no means homogenous in their financial situations, outlooks and attitudes. And that’s particularly the case in an examination of how males and females differ.

On a pure demographic basis, the survey results indicate that millionaires are split evenly between men and women, but male millionaires tend to be younger than their female counterparts. Some 30% of male millionaires are aged 18-34, compared to 18% of females falling into that age bracket. Overall, women millionaires have an average age of 50.5 years, compared to 46.2 for men. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.