Consumers Reactions To Service Experiences, February 2014 [TABLE]

Table - Consumers Reactions To Service Experiences

Some 23% of consumers will give feedback directly to companies following a very good service experience, but 32% will do so following a very bad experience, finds the Temkin Group in newly-released survey results. How companies are able to respond to the bad experiences has a significant effect on consumers’ future spending patterns with them. Indeed, the research indicates that companies have an opportunity to recover from bad experiences and turn them positive.

Specifically, consumers who rated companies’ response to their bad service experience as being very poor (1 on a 7-point scale) were far more likely to decrease their spending (62%) than increase it (2%), a fairly obvious result. But among those who rated the companies’ response as very good (7 on the 7-point scale), more increased (29%) than decreased (21%) their spending Read the rest at MarketingCharts.