Facebook Ad Spending vs User Share In North America & Asia-Pacific, February 2014 [CHART]

Chart - Facebook Ad Spending vs User Share In North America & Asia-Pacific

new report released by Marin Software makes the case that there are substantial unexplored opportunities for Facebook advertisers to target audiences outside of North America. According to Marin’s analysis of more than 200 online marketing clients, about half of their Facebook ad budgets are directed at audiences in North America, despite the region housing only 15% of global Facebook users.

By that measure, advertisers are similarly over-invested in Western Europe, according to the study.

By contrast, other regions, such as Asia-Pacific, are underinvested. Asia-Pacific is home to 28% of Facebook’s audience but captures just 11% of advertisers’ budgets. The study also points to eMarketer projections indicating that the most rapid growth in Facebook users growth will come in regions such as Asia-Pacific and Latin America, suggesting that if current trends hold, advertisers will be even more under-invested in those areas. Moreover, the analysts note that user engagement is high in some of these under-explored areas: for example, Facebook ad CTR is highest for Marin’s clients in Latin America, 33% higher than in North America and 54% higher than in Western Europe. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.