North Americans' Tablet Web Use By Hour, February 2014 [CHART]

Chart - North Americans' Tablet Web Use By Hour

In a new report, Chitika has taken a look at how tablet usage – in this case web browsing only, not applications – fluctuates during a typical day. The analysis averaged out hourly ad impressions over a 2-week period from Chitika’s network for the iPad, Microsoft Surface, and Android tablets, reaching some fairly unsurprising but nonetheless interesting conclusions. Predictably, the iPad dominated in overall usage; each tablet sees very similar usage patterns.

One way that Chitika analyzed web usage patterns was by determining the peak hour of use in the typical day for each tablet and then indexing all other hours to that peak. Of note, each tablet had its peak hour at 9PM EST, consistent with 2012 research indicating that tablets tend to be used more in the evening hours, and aligning with similar research from Chitika released early last year finding the same peak hour. So even as tablet adoption has rapidly expanded over the past year or two, usage patterns appear to have stayed fairly stable. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.