Top Benefits Of Personalized Marketing, February 2014 [CHART]

Chart - Top Benefits Of Personalized Marketing

Some 77% of marketers agree that individualized messages and offers can be more effective than mass messages and offers, according to newly-released research [PDF] from Conversant (formerly ValueClick). The study delves into what marketers and agencies consider to be the top benefits and challenges of personalized media programs, finding some discrepancies between the two groups.

Among agency respondents, the top benefit indicated was an improved response rate, cited by 70% of respondents (versus 56% of marketers), with this benefit certainly appearing to be the case with email subject lines. Among marketers, though, the top benefit was increased repeat purchases/repeat rate (60%). In fact, marketers were almost twice as likely as agencies to see this as a benefit; they were also close to twice as likely to see increased average revenue per user as a benefit of personalization (48% vs. 28%). Read the rest at MarketingCharts.