Share Of Search Ad Clicks, Q4 2012 – Q4 2013 [CHART]

Chart - Share Of Search Ad Clicks

Cost-per-click for Google product listing ads (PLAs) jumped by 80% year-over-year during Q4 2013, all the while maintaining a relatively steady ROI, according to an Adobe Digital Index analysis of almost 7 billion paid clicks. It’s the latest data set to show a rapid rise for PLAs, which Adobe says now generate more paid search clicks than Yahoo Bing for some retailers.

According to Adobe, retailers who use PLAs and standard text ads saw roughly 22% of their paid search clicks come from PLAs during the Q4 2012-Q4 2013 period, edging the share seen from Yahoo Bing (20%). (Standard Google text ads generated the remaining 58%.) Read the rest at MarketingCharts.