Global Paid Search Metrics By Region, Q4 2013 [TABLE]

Table - Global Paid Search Metrics By Region

Advertisers must be seeing a good return on investment from paid search advertising, because Q4 2013 ended up as the biggest quarter for paid search ever worldwide, according to a January 2014 study of ad spending conducted by digital marketing technology company Kenshoo.

The study found that in Q4 2013, clicks for paid search increased 12.3% year over year worldwide, although impressions had dropped by just over 10%. Cost per click (CPC), meanwhile, increased by almost 6%.

The Americas saw the greatest year-over-year gains in clicks, at about 16%. Asia-Pacific, meanwhile, had a 35.2% jump in CPC over the same time period but also saw ad impressions drop by almost 31%. But falling impression rates attended by an increase in clicks can be taken as a sign that paid search advertising is simply becoming more efficient. Read the rest at eMarketer.