TV Everywhere Users & Pay-TV Satisfaction, January 2014 [CHART]

Chart - TV Everywhere Users & Pay-TV Satisfaction

Pay-TV providers suffer from chronically low customer satisfaction ratings, but new research from GfK suggests that “TV Everywhere” (TVE) deployments might be giving them a boost. According to GfK’s survey of consumers aged 13-64 in pay-TV homes, 28% of TVE users feel more satisfied with their pay-TV service (up from 24% last year), and 33% are less likely to change providers (up from 25% last year).

GfK notes that these trends are even more pronounced among users of subscription streaming services – who presumably are the most apt to cut the cord – with 35% more satisfied with their pay-TV services and 39% less likely to change providers.

Of course, these figures still represent a small fraction of TV viewers; while TVE services are now available to 6 in 10 pay-TV subscribers, awareness of the services remain low. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.