Social Revenue Per-Visit, Q4 2012 vs Q4 2013 [CHART]

Chart - Social Revenue Per-Visit

Social networks referred a “record amount” of revenue to US retail sites during the fourth quarter of 2013, reports Adobe in its latest social intelligence report [PDF]. But none of the major platforms’ revenue-per-visit (RPV) grew quite as quickly on a year-over-year basis as Tumblr: the network’s RPV shot up by 340% to $1.10 in Q4 2013. In the process, Tumblr’s RPV overtook the comparable figures for both Pinterest ($0.93) and Twitter ($0.81), each of which showed solid – if slightly less spectacular – growth rates of their own.

For its part, Pinterest’s RPV of $0.93 represented 244% growth from $0.27 in Q4 2012, while Twitter’s mark of $0.81 was up 131% from $0.35.

By comparison, Facebook’s increase in revenue-per-visit of 72% looks fairly pedestrian; while Adobe sees the results as a “warning sign” for Facebook, it still enjoyed the RPV ($1.22) of the 4 platforms analyzed. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.