Likelihood Of Making A Purchase From A Social Network, January 2014 [CHART]

Chart - Likelihood Of Making A Purchase From A Social Network

While there is plenty of research out there looking at social’s role (or lack thereof) as an e-commerce traffic driver (with the focus on the last click likely undervaluing social’s role in the purchase journey), there has been less analysis of late on purchases made directly on social networks. The social commerce space was projected to be a burgeoning one; new data from Javelin Strategy & Research suggests that almost 1 in 5 social network users will make a purchase directly through a social platform this year.

The question was fielded among consumers who have accessed a social networking website, asking them how likely they would be to make any type of purchase on such a site in the following 12 months. Overall, 18% of respondents said they would be very likely (9%) or likely (9%) to do so. Interestingly, only 15% were neutral on the subject, with a solid majority unlikely (12%) or very unlikely (55%) to do so. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.