CPG Brand Selection Influences, 2014 [CHART]

Chart - CPG Brand Selection Influences

Consumers are relying more on new media tools and less on traditional ones to make their CPG brand decisions, according to survey data from IRI. But even so, traditional marketing tools such as newspaper circulars are likely to influence far more consumers than newer technology-enabled tools such as smartphone applications, per the study, which asked consumers about a range of influences on their brand choices.

The study’s results indicate that the top decision influencer is item price, with 81% of respondents to the Q4 2013 study saying it would influence their brand decisions this year. Previous trust/usage of the brand followed, at 78% of respondents. While the influence exerted by coupons from home (57%, down from 65% in Q4 2011) and newspaper circulars (51%, down from 58%) appears to have shrunk somewhat over the past couple of years, a majority of respondents still rely on them for their brand decisions. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.