Chart - Grocery Shoppers' Purchase Selection

An analysis of more than 32 million shoppers across almost 10,000 grocery stores during a 52-week period ending in mid-year 2013 has found that on average, shoppers bought just 0.7% of available products. The study, conducted by Catalina Marketing, also reveals that this selectivity tends to apply across various grocery departments and is relatively consistent when segregating shoppers by age and income.

Consumers’ selectivity is even more pronounced when looking at their weekly and quarterly shopping habits. While they purchased an average 260 UPCs of the 35,372 available on store shelves over the course of the year (0.7%), on a quarterly basis they purchased an average of just 83 items (0.23% of those available) while on a weekly basis they bought just 13 different items (0.04%). Read the rest at MarketingCharts.