Daily Time Spent Online By Age, 2012 vs 2013 [CHART]

Chart - Daily Time Spent Online By Age

The amount of time teens aged 13-17 are spending online grew by a considerable degree in the space of a year, details GfK in recent survey findings. Results from GfK’s Spring 2013 study indicate that 13-17-year-olds spent an average of 4 hours and 4 minutes per day online, a 37% hike from just under 3 hours per day a year earlier. With that increase, teens shot past the 18-49 age group, whose time online was essentially flat at an average of 3 hours and 11 minutes daily.

As for the 50-64 demo, it appears to be spending a little less time online, down from 2 hours and 50 minutes in the Spring 2012 study to 2 hours and 41 minutes in the 2013 edition. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.