Table - Consumer Attitudes Toward Personalized Shopping Experiences

1 in 5 consumers say they have encountered personalized offers and promotions in-store, while 27% have seen them online, according to recent survey results [PDF] from Infosys. Respondents to the survey were also more likely to have experienced product recommendations based on previous purchases online (32%) rather than in-store (18%). Those who have had personalized shopping experiences indicate that the personalization has influenced their purchase decisions.

Specifically, 86% said that personalization influenced what they purchase to some extent, a figure that includes 25% who said that personalization significantly influences what they purchase.

Among the group of shoppers who have had personalized experiences, personalized coupons (67%) are the most highly favored form, followed by personalized offers and promotions based on previous experiences (62%) and product recommendations based on previous purchases (58%). Read the rest at MarketingCharts.