Retail Brand Social Adoption By Channel, January 2014 [CHART]

Chart - Retail Brand Social Adoption By Channel

An analysis of almost 900 retail brands, encompassing nearly all of the Internet Retailer 2013 Top 500 as well as additional “up and coming” brands has found that many have already warmed to Vine. The 8thBridge report  reveals that while Facebook (99%) and YouTube (98%) adoption is almost ubiquitous among the studied brands, some 38% have already begun using Vine. Also of note, adoption of Pinterest has grown from 78% in last year’s study to 89% in this year’s edition, putting the visual platform on par with Twitter.

In terms of upstream traffic, Facebook easily tops the other networks, with YouTube (and Pinterest to a much lesser degree) the only other platforms sending significant upstream traffic to the brands. Interestingly, despite those results, retailers’ sites are slightly more likely to sport a pin it (62%) or tweet (61%) button than a Facebook like (59%) button. That result seems to undercut Facebook’s importance even more when considering that a concurrent consumer survey found respondents more apt to frequently share products they bought via Facebook than via Pinterest or Twitter. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.