Overlap Between TV & Brand Tweeters, January 2014 [CHART]

Chart - Overlap Between TV & Brand Tweeters

There is a substantial overlap between Twitter users who tweet about brands and those who tweet about TV, suggesting that advertisers can leverage Twitter TV activity to bolster their brand messages, according to recent data released by Nielsen’s SocialGuide. Based on an analysis conducted from August through October 2013, the researchers found that not only did “TV tweeters” make up 73% of the number of people who tweeted about brands during the study period, but they also accounted for an outsized 89% of tweets sent about brands.

Overall, 17.2 million unique authors sent tweets about TV during the study period, while 7.6 million tweeted about brands. The overlap results in 5.5 million people tweeting about both brands and TV. Among those 5.5 million, the most commonly tweeted brand categories were: consumer electronics (74%); restaurants (48%); food (29%); beverages (27%); and automotive (24%). Read the rest at MarketingCharts.