Social & Mobile Marketing ROI, January 2014 [CHART]

Chart - Social & Mobile Marketing ROI

Marketers are planning to increase their social and mobile budgets this year, and appear confident that their efforts will produce the desired results. In its 2014 State of Marketing report, ExactTarget indicates that roughly one-third of social media marketers are seeing an ROI from their efforts, while another 1 in 2 believe their activities will eventually produce a return for them. Fewer find their social listening (31%) and social advertising (23%) programs to be currently effective.

While social marketing is only currently effective for a minority of respondents, the data indicates that few believe it’s unlikely to produce for them in the future. The social ROI question has been running for some time now, and doesn’t appear to have hindered marketers’ planned increases in the use of social platforms. Despite the long-running social ROI question, there are positive signs: a recent study from Tata Consulting Services of large enterprises’ social media marketing found that 56% of respondents had successfully measured social ROI, with two-thirds of those saying it was positive. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.