Importance Of Shopping Factors To Deal Seekers, January 2014 [TABLE]

Table - Importance Of Shopping Factors To Deal Seekers

new report from Experian Marketing Services segments shoppers into 6 deal-seeking segments, ranging from “deal-seeker influentials” to “deal rejectors.” The researchers argue that marketers must understand these different groups of consumers in order to better target and engage them – and while that’s no doubt the case, there’s a shared trait among all of these segments that stands out: price carries less weight as a shopping factor than the store environment, the brands it carries, and the convenience it affords.

As the authors conclude: “many consumers are willing to pay more, provided their other needs are met.”

(For reference, a study released last year by Ipsos found that 47% of surveyed American adults agreed thatthey would switch brands – even if the price was higher – for one they believe is a higher quality. Just 11% disagreed.) Read the rest at MarketingCharts.