Top Email Marketing Initiatives In 2014 [CHART]

Chart - Top Email Marketing Initiatives In 2014

Email marketing is slated for an increase in budgets, according to results from a recently-released StrongView study [PDF]. So what will be the top priorities for email marketers this year? Interestingly, the study reveals that respondents are paying more attention to increasing subscriber engagement (a leading 44% naming this one of their top-3 priorities) and improving segmentation and targeting (36%) than to growing their opt-in email list (31%).

When it comes to email marketing challenges, a plurality 40% said that one of their top-3 is accessing and leveraging customer data from multiple channels and data sources. Issues with coordination across marketing channels (34%) and developing more relevant engagements (32%) also appear towards the top of the list of challenges, with these pointing to the emphasis being placed on targeting and engagement. Of note, significantly fewer (17% of) respondents said that maintaining high email deliverability is a top-3 challenge this year. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.