How Companies Worldwide Use Analytics, 2013 [TABLE]

Table - How Companies Worldwide Use Analytics

Entering 2014, most would agree cross-platform marketing has become a must for any company hoping to reach consumers on their terms. They would also likely concur that such a mandate carries with it an expectation that as marketers tack on additional channels, formats and platforms, they would be met with a proper method to validate those decisions. Cross-platform attribution is that solution, according to a new eMarketer report, “Cross-Platform Attribution: A Status Report on Overcoming Select Attribution Challenges.”

There is undoubtedly great demand for cross-platform attribution—a method of assigning credit to a particular marketing-driven interaction or other brand-impressed touchpoint—but also great confusion as to how to best approach it and access the data necessary to prove bottom-line effects. As such, few marketers are attempting to undertake cross-platform attribution modeling. Read the rest at eMarketer.