Types Of Sponsored Social Media Marketers Use, 2011-2013 [CHART]

Chart - Types Of Sponsored Social Media Marketers Use

Sponsored Tweets are becoming more popular with marketers, says IZEA in a new study which it put together using input from 10,000 brand marketers, social media consultants and key social influencers. According to the research, a slight majority (52%) of marketers have used Sponsored Tweets, up from 47.3% last year and 39.4% in 2011. In fact, Sponsored Tweets have moved ahead of sponsored blog posts (51% using this year) as the most commonly used form of social sponsorship.

While the use of sponsored videos (33%) and sponsored check-ins (23%) remain relatively flat from last year, marketers are increasingly turning to sponsored photos, with the 33% using them this year a significant rise from 24.4% last year. This year marked the first year that IZEA measured marketers’ use of sponsored pins on Pinterest – which 29% report having used. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.