Potential Consequences Of Brands Sending More Emails, December 2013 [TABLE]

Table - Potential Consequences Of Brands Sending More Emails

Recent data released by Experian Marketing Services indicates that brands are sending more and more emails – increasing their volume on a year-over-year basis from Q1 through Q3 this year. Interestingly, during each of those quarters, open rates also rose, suggesting that the increase hasn’t had a negative impact on that level. While research strongly points to email frequency as the chief culprit in unsubscribes, new data from Alchemy Worx indicates that brands might actually be well served by sending an extra email or two.

The company dug into its own data, which it says comprises 2.2 billion emails sent to 40.6 million recipients over the past year.

The research discovered that a single extra email per month sent to a list of 5 million subscribers could result in 1.9 million additional opens (38% of the list) and an additional 175,000 email clicks (3.5% of the list). For its sample, Alchemy Worx determined that this could result in an additional $2.9 million in revenues from email. That last figure is best taken with a grain of salt – not that it’s not useful (it is), but because it would be very dependent on the type of brand(s) sending the emails, the promotions offered in the emails, and other such variables. More important than the actual figure is that it’s a positive one. In other words, brands could theoretically stand to gain from an extra email per month. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.