Chart - Computer Activities Now Performed On Tablets

Tablets are often discussed as a potential replacement for PCs, and a new survey from Adroit Digital finds that 55% of respondents who own both devices would consider purchasing a tablet as a replacement for their personal laptop or desktop. The study takes a look at some key activities that are being shifted from computers to tablets, finding that half of respondents said they’re now using their tablets instead of their computers to look up product information as well as research products and services.

Even so, far fewer (34%) are making retail purchases or browsing for purchases on their tablets instead of their computers, suggesting that tablets haven’t overtaken computers yet as the device of choice for e-commerce purchases.

Turning to entertainment activities, a slight majority – 52% – of respondents said they’re now watching TV and video (whether live or recorded) on their tablets rather than their computers. But when it comes to reading news, books and magazines, only 31% have shifted those activities their tablets. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.