Chart - Branded Mobile Video Content Completion Rates

DG MediaMind has released a new study containing a host of mobile advertising benchmarks, based on an analysis of more than 2 billion impressions across more than a thousand mobile campaigns delivered from Q1 through Q3 2013. Among the results: the finding that among mobile rich media formats that included inline video, 47.2% of branded videos initiated by users were watched to completion, with that figure highest for auto (79.8%), CPG (65.7%) and telecom (54.4%) advertisers.

Those same verticals also enjoyed the highest video start rates, of 9.16% for the auto vertical, 5.43% for CPG, and 3.29% for telecom.

The study notes that among mobile rich media formats that include inline video, polite rich media banners had a higher video start rate (3.34%) than expandable banners (2.62%), which the researchers attribute to the video being immediately viewable in the former environment, while the latter often requires engagement on the part of the users before the video player becomes visible. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.