Google’s Top Search Trends of 2013 [TABLE]

Table - Google’s Top Search Trends of 2013

The death earlier this month of Nelson Mandela made the widely revered former South African President the top trending search term of the year, says Google in its 2013 Zeitgeist report, marking the second consecutive year that the passing of an iconic (albeit in different respects) figure was the top trending search topic. As with last year, the top search trends were a mix of tragedies, technology, and yes, a video sensation that spawned countless imitations.

The untimely deaths of actors Paul Walker (#2) and Cory Monteith (#4) featured prominently among the top search trends globally (with associated Tweets among Twitter’s most retweeted of the year), while the Boston Marathon (#6) also was in the top 10. But a bright spot did make the list, in the form of the royal baby, which came in at number 7. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.