B2B Buyer Qualification Rates By Time-To-First-Call, December 2013 [CHART]

Chart - B2B Buyer Qualification Rates By Time-To-First-Call

Last year, a study from Leads360 (now Velocify) found that speed-to-call is the single largest driver of lead conversion, with the headline result being that a phone call to a new prospect within a minute of lead generation improves conversion rates by 391% compared to later times making the first call. Now new data from Software Advice supports the importance of calling leads quickly, finding that qualification rates fall with each passing second.

The researchers analyzed B2B buyer behavior online by examining traffic and conversion data from more than 6 million unique visitors to its website who were looking for business software information. The results indicate that after a buyer converted on the site, calling the lead within 5 seconds resulted in a qualification rate 30% higher than average. That rate then dropped with each proceeding time interval, down to 12% above-average for leads called within 31 seconds to 1 minute. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.