Chart - Frequency With Which US Mothers Occupy Their Children With Smart Phones

Mothers with young kids (ages 5 and under) were the most active users, devoting almost 37 hours a week to apps and web browsing on their phones—more than mothers of older children, as well as males and females in general and, perhaps surprisingly, millennials. AOL noted that smartphones most likely helped these new mothers adjust to tasks related to their new role, including managing multiple schedules, connecting with friends they had not seen recently, and looking up symptoms—that is, fulfilling multifaceted roles mothers enact as parents, teachers, friends, doctors, and more.

Surprisingly, high usage is not necessarily because mothers are letting their kids share their mobiles—more than one-third reported rarely or never allowing their children to use their smartphones, while mothers said they turned to their phones over 20 times per day. Read the rest at eMarketer.