App User Retention Rate By Notification Opt-In, December 2013 [CHART]

Chart - App User Retention Rate By Notification Opt-In

On average, mobile application users who have opted in to push messages have a long-term retention rate that is 92% higher than those who have opted out of the messages, says Urban Airship in its third “Good Push Index (GPI)” study. The results support the same conclusion from Urban Airship’searlier studies, with this latest report a far more expansive effort covering more than 2,400 apps with at least 6 months of user data and even minimal use of the messages.

The report compares the retention rate of opt-in and opt-out users across the first 6 months after download, finding that in the “critical” first month after download, the retention rate for opt-in users was about 90% higher than for opt-out users (55% vs. 29%). Those gaps continued throughout the 6 month period – with the 25% retention rate for opt-in users in Month 6 almost as high as the rate for opt-out users in Month 1 (29%). Read the rest at MarketingCharts.