Branded Content Spending Trends in 2013 [TABLE]

Table - Branded Content Spending Trends in 2013

Corporations spent on average 37% share of their marketing budgets this year on branded content, finds the latest annual survey from the Custom Content Council in partnership withContentWise. That 37% share is actually down a couple of points from last year, as spending on branded content failed to keep pace with a 13.7% average hike in overall marketing budgets. That was due to slower growth in spending on print publications, which have rebounded to pre-recession levels, but which could not match the 13.8% growth rate in electronic content budgets.

Next year should see yet another rise in content marketing budgets, as 8 in 10 respondents said they anticipate a moderate or aggressive shift towards content marketing. That might push its share of budgets up to or over the 40% mark. For comparison, recent studies from MarketingProfs and the Content Marketing Institute pegged content marketing’s share of B2B and B2C marketing budgets at 30% and 24%, respectively. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.