Social TV Behavior, Q1-Q3 2013 [CHART]

Chart - Social TV Behavior

There’s a growing body of research analyzing social’s influence on TV viewing behavior, with the general consensus being that social’s impact is small, but growing. A new study  from Digitalsmiths supports that general trend, finding that more viewers are not only posting about their viewing habits on social networks, but also choosing to watch particular programs on account of the buzz they’re getting on social networks.

Specifically, during Q3, 15.4% of adult respondents in the US and Canada claimed to post about what they’re watching, up from 12.8% in Q2 and 11.5% in Q1. Those are still fairly small figures, to be sure, but they’re on the rise. While the Digitalsmiths survey doesn’t break the responses down into age brackets, a recent study from Horowitz Associates demonstrates that – as one might expect – this behavior is far more prevalent among younger age groups. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.