Types Of Online Video Viewed By Generation, June 2013 [TABLE]

Table - Types Of Online Video Viewed By Generation

Are millennials online video viewing habits substantially different than those of older viewers? Data from a November 2013 survey of online adults in the US conducted by YuMe and IPG Media Lab seems to indicate the answer is “yes.”

The survey found that millennials, defined in the survey as those ages 18 to 34, were more likely to watch digital videos in almost all content categories than their older counterparts. While 37% of millennials watched TV shows online frequently, only 26% of Generation Xers (those ages 35 to 54) and a mere 16% of baby boomers (those age 55 or older) did the same. The gap in watching user-generated content was also dramatic, coming in at 33% for millennials, 21% for Gen Xers and 15% for baby boomers. The only content category for which millennials did not lead other age demographics was online news. Read the rest at eMarketer.