Top Mobile Devices, Q3 2013 [TABLE]

Table - Top Mobile Devices

Apple devices may have dominated in ad impression share across the globe in Q3, but some Samsung mobile devices appeared to see greater engagement than the iPhone, per new data [PDF] from Adfonic. For example, with a CTR index of 1.41 and an effective earnings for thousand impressions (eCPM) index of 1.17, Samsung’s Galaxy Ace topped the iPhone (1.06 and 1.08, respectively) in performance for the quarter. Samsung’s top mobile devices by impression share (Galaxy S3 and S2) trailed the iPhone in the CTR index, though, while edging it on the eCPM front.

Overall, the iPhone commanded 49% share of mobile device impressions across the globe, with the iPod Touch adding another 8.6%.

Apple was even more dominant in impression share when it came to tablets, with the iPad gobbling up 76% share in Q3. With a CTR index of 1.14, the iPad bested all other tablets, although it fell behind a variety of other tablets in the eCPM index. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.