Marketers' Feeling Sticker Shock Over Price Of Video Ad Measurement, December 2013 [CHART]

Chart - Marketers' Feeling Sticker Shock Over Price Of Video Ad Measurement

Recent survey results from and Digiday revealed that while there is much enthusiasm in the online video space, most agencies and brands believe that existing measurement standards don’t satisfy their need for audience guarantees. Now, another survey – this time from BrandAds – finds 60% of digital video advertisers claiming to not have access to the tools they need to measure the impact (effectiveness, not just delivery) of their campaigns. Current tools being used by brand and agency respondents appear to carry excessive costs and operational overhead.

That was the most-cited limitation of current measurement tools, by 51% of survey respondents. Next up, 19% said that data coming in too late was the greatest limitation of their current tools, followed by the data not being useful (11.3%). Only 14.2% said their tools had no limitations. As for that point about the data coming in too late, the survey separately shows that only 1 in 8 get their data in realtime, with most waiting 24 hours (32.7%) or longer (49%). (A recent survey from Domo found that only 4% of marketers who check their video data do so daily.) Read the rest at MarketingCharts.