US Programmatic Display Ad Spending, 2011-2017 [CHART]

Chart - US Programmatic Display Ad Spending

MAGNA GLOBAL estimates US programmatic display ad spending will reach $7.5 billion this year. Over the next several years, programmatic display ad spending growth rates will begin to level off—a sign of a market nearing maturity. Still, by 2017, the company predicts the amount of US digital display ad dollars transacted via programmatic channels will total nearly $17 billion. MAGNA GLOBAL’s forecast includes both RTB-based digital display ad spending and non-RTB programmatic ad dollars flowing through such channels as programmatic direct or any other API-enabled means transacting across video, banner, social and mobile. By 2017, the research firm predicts programmatic sales will largely overtake traditional direct-to-publisher transactions in terms of ad spending, with both RTB and non-RTB-based programmatic channels accounting 83% of all US digital display ad spending. Read the rest at eMarketer.