Media Spend Channel Efficiency Comparison, Q3 2013 [CHART]

Chart - Media Spend Channel Efficiency Comparison

During Q3, social again beat portals, networks, and exchanges in user quality index – a measure that refers to a channel’s ability to reach a user that can be marketed to consistently – according to the latest quarterly “Global Media Intelligence Report” from Neustar Aggregate Knowledge. Based on an analysis of roughly 140 billion ad events, 60 billion impressions and 32 million conversions, the study reveals that social ads performed 34% better than the 4-channel average in delivering such quality users. Social also emerged as the best option for reaching exclusive users at the lowest cost.

On the measure of “reach efficiency,” social ads scored 82% higher than the average, leading the pack for the first time this year. Portals – which had been the most efficient channel during the first half of the year – performed far more poorly in this past quarter, 66% below the channel average. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.