Use & Effectiveness Of Marketing Tactics, August 2013 [TABLE]

Table - Use & Effectiveness Of Marketing Tactics

Though throwing a Facebook or Twitter button on a website may be easy, cheap and common, respondents to ExactTarget’s survey didn’t find this nearly as effective as tactics requiring a little more effort and interaction—suggesting that quality content leads to quality results.

While providing service and support was not a top social objective, cited by just 22% of marketers from each group, tactics in this category proved very effective. Only 27% of marketers on Twitter and 34% on Facebook said they publicly answered customer service questions on the social platforms, yet 60% and 69% of respondents, respectively, reported this as effective. Offering FAQs and how-tos also had low usage rates among marketers, but at least half of respondents from each group found this effective. Read the rest at eMarketer.