Top Reasons Online Shoppers Choosing One Website Over Another, November 2013 [CHART]

Chart - Top Reasons Online Shoppers Choosing One Website Over Another

Despite growing mobile commerce revenues and a recent focus on the mobile experience offered by top retailers, online shoppers across 7 major markets don’t rank mobile optimization high on their list of reasons for choosing one website over another, according to recent survey results from LivePerson. Instead, a leading 74% cite ease of browsing/searching as a reason for favoring a site over another, with 64% citing a previous positive experience on the website as a factor and half claiming that customer ratings and reviews affect their decision.

Interestingly, some 37% said that personalized experience and offers cause them to choose one website over another, which could be viewed as either a high or low figure depending on one’s perspective. Only 14% said that the website being optimized for mobile devices was a reason for choosing one site over another. That’s despite research from comScore suggesting that a majority of time consumers (at least in the US) spend accessing retail content online is from smartphones (44%) or tablets (11%). Read the rest at MarketingCharts.