Multiscreen Campaign Budgets, 2013 & 2016 [TABLE]

Table - Multiscreen Campaign Budgets

Consumers’ adoption of PCs, smartphones and tablets has effectively necessitated the need for advertising campaigns that stretch across multiple screens in order to stay in front of audiences. And marketers appear to understand this clearly. An August 2013 survey of US marketers conducted by Nielsen and the Association of National Advertisers discovered that they expected the share of their budgets allocated to multiscreen campaigns to increase to 50% by 2016, from 20% this year.

Part of the drive to increase outlays is due to the clearly growing importance of keeping messages in front of viewers, no matter what device they’re one. The survey found that 95% of those polled believed multiscreen campaigns were at least somewhat important, with 48% of respondents agreeing that they were “very important.” And 88% of marketers polled expected that multiscreen campaigns would be “very important” by 2016. Read the rest at eMarketer.