Customer Service Reps Calming Qualities, November 2013 [CHART]

Chart - Customer Service Reps Calming Qualities

When consumers have an urgent customer service need, 7 in 10 will pick up the phone and call the company for help, says Five9, citing results from its recent “2013 Contact Center Report”. At that point, the representative’s actions can have a significant influence on the customer: a majority of respondents said that a rude representative will make them extremely frustrated. But while many consumers will “retaliate” when their problems can’t be resolved, the vast majority said they would be more forgiving if representatives could display at least one of the following attributes.

It stands to reason that a respectful (74%) and knowledgeable (69%) representative can calm angry consumers’ nerves, given that research has shown that customers get frustrated not only by rude representatives, but also by unknowledgeable ones. Beyond those, most respondents said they’d be soothed by friendly (57%) and patient (53%) representatives, with sympathetic (49%) ones also doing the trick for some. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.