Number Of Websites Americans Regularly Visit, November 2013 [CHART]

Chart - Number Of Websites Americans Regularly Visit

About 8 in 10 TV viewers say they regularly watch 10 channels or fewer, and it seems like adults carry that diet over to the online space, too. According to recent survey results from Kentico, when American adults were asked how many sites they return to regularly for non-work purposes, 41% said up to 5, while an additional 34% said between 5 and 10. That’s three-quarters of respondents capping out by the 10-site mark; a small but undoubtedly enthusiastic 5% claim to regularly visit more than 20.

It’s probably a leap to equate those attitudes with actual behavior, but that doesn’t render the results useless. Instead, it’s a window into the perceptions of some internet users, and a reminder that they consider only a handful of sites to be engaging enough to return to with some regularity. Some types of websites are likely chosen on utility: when categorizing websites into various content types, for example, a recent Ipsos survey found that at least half of Americans professed to visiting search engine sites, social networking sites, and portal sites (such as Gmail) on at least a weekly basis. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.